DeCommas Use Cases

Mission Control Use Cases

DeCommas Mission Control API has everything you need to build web3 applications and features such as Portfolio trackers, Web3 searchbars, Wallets and Activity Feeds. Find out exactly how Mission Control helps building each of these applications below.

Mission Control API use cases

Web3 Wallets
Show Wallet Balances of ERC20-tokens and NFT holdings, as well as Token Values, Transaction History and Transaction details. Including detailed incoming and outgoing ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 transfers. Data on positions in DeFi protocols(such as LP, staking, derivatives) could be now easily integrated in your wallet. New protocols are added every month.
Portfolio Trackers
Give users a comprehensive overview of their (Blockchain) Portfolio, including ERC20-balances, NFT Holdings, positions in Protocols, Transaction History and Transaction Details. Make sure that you cover more details and fetch portfolio faster than your competition.
Trading Desks / Offices / HNWI money management
Conveniently report trading desk- and portfolio performance, using ERC20-balances, NFT holdings, Token Values, Protocol Positions, Transaction History and Transaction Details. Integrity and transparency is important in such activities and we want to assist you with that.
Tax & Accounting Tools
Get a comprehensive overview of historic value and performance of any wallet for Tax and Accounting purposes. Track (historic) value of ERC20-holdings, NFT holdings, Token Values, and Protocol Positions. Provide insight through Transaction History and Transaction Details. Ability to do snapshots on a first and last block of the month, to make sure reporting is correct and comprehensive for your clients.
Show ERC20-balances, Transaction History and Transaction Details of users. Reduce your overhead with user account data and positions representation, while you focus on your main mission. Whether it’s execution (smart-contract based), advance analytics or web3 social platform, our API can support your dApp.
DEX & Bridge Aggregators
Show comprehensive Wallet balances to users for ERC-20 tokens (values and metadata). Show users’ full balances quickly and all chains at once, focus on execution and the most competitive routing, while our API supports you with data.
L1/L2 Blockchains and Networks
Ensure a smooth onboarding and reduce time-to-market for developers and dApps to your ecosystem by having indexed blockchain data readily available and being fetched at the highest speeds.
Provide an overview of up to date ERC721, ERC1155 balances and -transfers. Build the most breathtaking experiences, while our API will ensure that users see their GameFi digital assets quickly and completely

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